Macbook with Dual or Triple Screen Setup


Do you require an Apple Macbook setup for maximum screen real estate? We can supply and setup all the components so that a Macbook Air, Macbook (2015 onwards) or Macbook Pro can be run with x2 or x3 external monitors.

Please CONTACT US with your Mac model and requirements for multi screen setups as shown below*:

macbook-dual-monitor-setupmacbook-triple-monitor-setup*All images shown are for illustrative purposes only


Multi-screen setup notes:

  •  x1 powered USB port and x1 MiniDisplay or Thunderbolt port is required to connect up x2 or x3 external monitors.

  •  The new Macbooks (2015 onwards) requires an additional USB-C adaptor for a powered USB port and Thunderbolt port.

  •  For best results the same screen aspect ratio is advised for dual or triple screen setups.