“Simon is so clever when it comes to Apple computers I can’t recommend him highly enough. Sorted my printer that would not connect to my Apple computer and on another occasion helped me with sending a very large PDF. I have him on speed dial.”

Ken M – Guildford, Surrey

“I have been using Simon on and off for the last few years, he is just amazing. He is incredibly calm and polite and provides sensible solutions. He has helped me install Parallels on to my Mac together with Windows 10. He has helped to migrate data from a very old MacBook Pro to a new 2019 model. More recently he helped upgrade a 2019 iMac to 16GB Ram with a new SSD hard drive. It is honestly like a new machine.

I cannot recommend Simon enough, he is superb. If you leave a message he definitely will call you back and his pricing is very transparent and fair.”

Nitin R – Guildford, Surrey

“Simon replaced a standard HD in my Apple desktop with an SSD which has transformed the performance – I’m really pleased I had it done.”

Andrew H – Cobham, Surrey

“Since moving to Haslemere just over three years ago I have regularly called upon Simon to update systems, sort out glitches on my laptop and desktop, and generally keep me up to speed on how to keep everything running smoothly and securely. He is knowledgeable, efficient and refreshingly free of technospeak. I don’t know how I’d manage without him.”

Anna L – Haslemere, Surrey

“Simon came to assess my very battered 2012 MacbookPro. I thought it was on its last legs and my son recommended I get an expensive new one. It seemed sensible to get a second opinion. Simon looked carefully through the various glitches and put some of them right but he acknowledged that a new Macbook would be a good solution given the dead USB ports and the sticky keyboard and problems with charging and backing up. With two advisors giving me the same advice I am about to order a new one. Simon was patient, listened carefully and then was methodical in following up the various issues. He explained everything clearly. I hope I will not need his help but if I do need Macbook support I will not hesitate to contact him.”

Gill P – Guildford, Surrey

“Simon was prompt to respond to my enquiry. I found him to be an excellent listener, calm and professional. He was not only extremely patient at explaining what was required but diligent in his approach to resolving the numerous small frustrations that I was experiencing. I am a self-employed technophobe and my laptop is a crucial though often painful part of my day-to day professional life. I will certainly be in touch again, hopefully not too soon, when I require his expert services.”

Carol D – Godalming, Surrey

“I would highly recommend Simon. He always responds promptly and has set up 4 apple computers for me. Technically excellent. Not only that but for a small issue when you email him he responds promptly with advice and I have been able to resolve it myself. Everything he has done has been excellent and he explains everything in layman’s terms. He has a great approach and manner, I cannot speak highly enough about his services.”

John C – Camberley, Surrey

“I turned to IT@home4U in desperation as all of my family’s Macs needed some sort of attention. Simon did the most wonderful job in updating to all the latest operating systems, ensuring our software licences were up to date etc. I have already recommended to a friend and would not hesitate to use him again.”

David Y – Thursley, Surrey

“I have called upon Simon twice. On each occasion I found the service excellent. My experience in dealing with Simon is:-
Prompt response to my initial enquiry, quick turn around between enquiry and visit to investigate problem. On the second occasion when the iPad was removed for further work, I was regularly advised of progress and the iPad was returned to me on the agreed day and time and functioning correctly. Simon is friendly and courteous, he is not patronising when dealing with an OAP not versed in the jargon of the computer world. He takes care explaining technical issues and his methodology for solving problems. His charges are fair and reasonable and I would recommend Simon to anyone who has an issue with their computer software”.

Jeffrey G – Bramley, Surrey

“Simon has been fantastic on both the occasions that he came out to look at my iMac. He goes above and beyond to help. I was having ongoing problems with backup for months which he resolved. In fact, he spoke to the customer service dept for BlueSound (in the US) to help us get our music hardware ‘talking’ to the iMac. Very patient, knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend Simon. Huge thanks to IT@Home4U”.

Mary S – Cobham, Surrey