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Apple Mac Data Migration from Windows or Mac to a new Mac computer

Apple Mac Data Migration Service. We can move your Windows files to your new Mac and use them with Mac applications. Macs can open many different kinds of files from your PC, as long as you have appropriate software installed that can interpret them.

Apple Mac Data Migration Service. Audio files (AIFF, MP3, WAV) open in iTunes or QuickTime Player. Image files (JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, RAW, and the like) can be opened with iPhoto and Preview. QuickTime Player can be used to watch many types of movie files.

Connecting a Windows computer to a new Mac allows the transfer of essential data to continue pretty much straight away. The list below indicates files that can be transferred:

  • Your contacts are in Mac’s Address Book
  • Your web browser’s bookmarks, favourites, and homepage are set up in Safari
  • Your calendar accounts, which include your meetings and events, are set up in Calendar
  • Your email accounts, which include your email messages and attachments, are set up in Mail
  • Your custom desktop picture (if set) from your PC is set as your desktop picture (unless it’s a trademarked MS picture)
  • Your files from My Documents (Documents), My Videos (Videos), My Music (Music), or My Pictures (Pictures) folders are in the Documents, Movies, Music, or Pictures folders in Finder

Please note: Minimum system requirements from Microsoft is Windows 8 (any anti-virus software must be stopped during migration process). A fully working ethernet or USB port must also be available (ethernet is the quickest method). With older Windows computers it is sometimes easier to copy the relevant data and transfer it across manually. Your only transferring the data you would like.

Please see our IT SUPPORT COSTS page for our data migration services.

We also provide support for Eero, Ring, Sonos, Synology, Ubiquiti and UniFi network devices:

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