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Expert Apple support Surrey. Expert Apple Mac, iOS and IT Services in Surrey.

Expert Apple support Surrey. New to Apple Macs? Need help migrating from a Windows PC or old Apple Mac to a new Apple Mac?

Expert Apple support Surrey. We can help migrate the data from your old Windows PC or old Apple Mac to your new Mac including the following:

  • Files from My Documents, My Videos, My Music and My Pictures folders on your Windows PC transferred to the Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures folders in Finder on your Mac
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod apps you bought in iTunes on your Windows PC can be transferred to iTunes on your Mac
  • Music in iTunes on your Windows PC can be transferred to iTunes on your Mac
  • Your custom desktop picture from your Windows PC setup on your Mac
  • Email accounts, including messages and attachments setup in Mail
  • Web browser bookmarks, favourites and homepage setup in Safari
  • Calendar accounts, including meetings and events setup in iCal
  • Contacts setup in Address Book

Expert Apple support Surrey. Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrades

If you’ve had hard drive failure or require more space we can help with the following:

  • Running out of space on your hard drive and your Mac is getting slow, we can upgrade your hard drive to a larger capacity. We make an exact copy of your old drive to the new higher capacity drive and replace it
  • Hard drive failure without a backup, we can replace the hard drive and re-install the Operating System (macOS ) and get you back up and running
  • Hard drive failure with a backup, we can replace the drive and restore to the backup as if nothing had ever happened
  • For hard drive replacement or upgrades, please see note below*

Expert Apple support Surrey. RAM Memory Upgrades (up to 2020 models)

Need more speed for a faster workflow or power hungry applications:

  • We can supply and fit new memory RAM modules to your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Pro computer
  • We use high quality compatible RAM memory modules
  • Only certain models up to 2020

Expert Apple support Surrey. Software Issues, Updates and Peripherals

If you are experiencing software issues or setup of peripherals, we can help with the following:

  • Wi-Fi installation, setup and troubleshooting (All Internet Service Provider routers dealt with)
  • We can install and troubleshoot many software issues you may be experiencing
  • iPad, iPhone and AppleTV setup, integration and troubleshooting
  • Printer, scanner and other peripherals installed and setup
  • Upgrade the Operating System (macOS) fresh install
  • Upgrade the Operating System (macOS)
  • Multiple account email set up in Mail

Service Costs

Please see our Apple and IT Support Costs page for further information.

Other Information

  • Upgrades or replacement of hard drives require in depth work and would need to be brought back to our premises for further repair. We can collect your Mac or you can drop it off with us*
  • We do not deal with Mac support issues over the phone to new enquiries
  • We offer a No Fix – No fee guarantee on all our work
  • 90 day warranty on all our hardware upgrades
  • *We no longer support Apple Macs running macOS below 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Macs older than 2012 or Windows computers. It is no longer possible to upgrade anything on iMacs since the introduction of the M1 chip.
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